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***The City Council has stated that they will no longer purse a special assessment for North La Quinta.  The survey response was overwhelmingly against the measure.  Congratulations to all who were diligent in the effort to defeat it. You can go to the “Updates” page to get a link to the survey results.***

Due to the vocal protest to the City Council by North La Quinta residents, the City Council is requiring the Public Works department to send a survey to all the residents within the proposed assessment district.  The survey has been mailed and must be returned by February 21, 2014.  A resident of one of the impacted North La Quinta Neighborhoods had written a response to the document included with the survey titled “Top 10 Landscape Maintenance Myths for North La Quinta”. Please feel free to read that response here.


  • NO to an assessment that will cost between $340-$480 per year per household.

  • NO to the cost of over $8000 per household over a 25 year period

  • NO to the establishment of a new assessment district of approximately 1700 homes that will be responsible for a $12,000,000 bond.

  • NO to the devaluation of your home by establishing an increase on your property tax bill

Since May 2013, the city of La Quinta is planning the establishment of a new Assessment District in North La Quinta.  The city wants to implement changes to North La Quinta, such as new irrigation, plants, flowers, ground cover, and lighting in parkways and medians.  This work would result in the formation of an assessment district that, ultimately, would have to be approved by the majority of property owners within affected developments.

The city has proposed that residents of 11 North La Quinta neighborhoods pay for this through a bond issuance of $12,000,000 that will be paid back by property owners over an undisclosed time period. Depending on the neighborhood, the annual assessment that would be charged through your property tax bill will range from $340 to $480 per year. This equates to over $8,000 per household. To find out if you live in one of these neighborhoods, please see the below map.

assessmentmapThis assessment is not mandatory and you can vote NO to stop this from happening.  The entire election will be done by mail so be on the lookout for a ballot.  Only ballots returned to the city will be counted so make sure your NO VOTE counts. All homeowners are allowed to vote even if you are not a CA or US resident or citizen. You just need to be the property owner.

Please share this information with a neighbor and voice your opposition by calling the La Quinta City Council, sending them an email or attending a City Council Meeting.

To contact a Council Member, please email or call (760) 777-7030. You can also use the Contact page on this website.

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Survey Results on the Agenda for Council Meeting Tonight

The results from the survey are in and I first heard about them in the Desert Sun online.  You can read the article here.  A document is provided on the agenda for the city council meeting tonight.  You can read the summary results here.

The summary states:

The results of the survey suggest that, overall, a majority of the property owners are generally satisfied with the appearance of the area’s landscape improvements and the level of maintenance being provided. Furthermore, the property owners generally do not perceive a need to renovate the existing improvements and thus there is little desire to financially support any such renovations or enhanced maintenance. Ultimately, the results of the survey clearly indicate minimal support for any new or increased assessment in the north La Quinta area.

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